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Climates II (Japan)

Lola Reboud

Les Climates II (Japan) special edition, comprising the book with one of two prints housed in a handmade slipcase.
2 editions of 5

Baryta paper Hamnemule
Gold leaf affixed manually

Box conception
Laurel Parker



Climates II (Japan), Lola Reboud’s first book, focuses on the relationship that we maintain with Climates – human spheres, where the geography of territories, like the cycle of the seasons, is as important as the people themselves. Following discussions with the volcanologist Patrick Allard, a researcher at the Institut de Physique du Globe in Paris, Lola Reboud traveled to the Kyushu region to photograph the volcanic observation laboratories and the sites of Sakurajima and Aso San, as well as Beppu, where geothermal energy is particularly visible. his photographic ensemble forms a narrative that mingles human figures facing their surroundings. Also at the heart of the matter, is the geothermal energy that characterizes the Nippon archipelago.