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Le Stade de la Lose

Olivier Cablat

192 pages, 17 x 22 cm
Softcover silkscreen
French language

Co-published by Poursuite I Images Vevey I GwinZegal I RVB Books

May 2023


Olivier Cablat’s project, Stade de la lose stems from a private collection of objects commemorating historic defeats and traumatic events in the world of soccer.

We learn that the airplane-shaped ashtray commemorates the death of almost the entire Torino Football Club team in a crash in 1949, that Bernard Tapie recorded a song entitled “Réussir sa vie” on vinyl in 1986, or that a mug reminds us of the incredible kick that Eric Cantona gave to an English fan in 1995.

At once an archive of supporters’ souvenirs, a collection of printed material and a parallel reading of an intimate collective history, Stade de la lose also embodies the modern capacity of the image to move from one medium to another.