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Objets Autonomes



Objets Autonomes Autonomous Objets is a set of photographs made at ZAD de Notre-Dame-des-Landes (France). The objects, sculptures and installations produced in-situ share the space with the dwellers and signal their territory. Produced and used to live autonomously on the ground and reply to police and military forces’ repeated assaults, they act as testimonies of singular hand-crafted savoir-faire: creativity and protest intertwined. Like some scout movement anti-manual, the photographic set focuses on various concrete means to retake hold of material and territorial living, and by revealing the plasticity of that mode of expression, it aims at mapping out the zone.


96 pages, 20×26 cm I Soft cover with 2 flaps

October 2018 I ISBN : 978-2-490140-04-6


Le Monde