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Paris 88/89


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In 1988 and 1989, without speaking a word of French or know anyone except a fellow fellow countrywoman, the photographer lived in Paris with the project a bit crazy to start a gallery apartmen Above all, the trip was the opportunity to live this dream from when his was a teenager and navigate the world of Eugène Atget he had discovered a few years later.
Paris 88/89 contains 21 of the Moriyama’s Paris photographs accompanied by the translation of his memoiries chapter dedicated to Paris as well as an unpublished interview with Jean-Kenta Gauthier.




Daido Moriyama

Interview with Jean-Kenta Gauthier

64 pages, 8 pages booklet, 15 x 21 cm
Soft cover with flaps, hot foiling

First edition november 2012, second edition may 2013
ISBN : 978-2-918960-68-3