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Plaisir Solide


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Plaisir Solide juxtaposes and superimposes the sources of Hélène Bellenger and Charlotte Perrin’s artistic research at 3bisF, a multidisciplinary creative space located in the Montperrin psychiatric hospital in Aix-en-Provence.


Through a long work of investigation and collection, the two visual artists respectively question the visual and formal structures of our daily lives. If Charlotte Perrin digs into archives and user manuals to better reclaim materials and play with the history of techniques, architecture and furniture, Hélène Bellenger seizes a series of advertisements for anxiolytics and antidepressants, dated from the years 1970 to 2000 and collected in the documentation fund of the psychiatric hospital, to question more broadly the representation of a standardized happiness.


By comparing their personal research in the form of collages, Hélène Bellenger and Charlotte Perrin offer a third visual form. Kind of “Kuleshov effect”, the confrontation of two images from the respective body of the two artists produced an independent mental picture of their sources, while appealing to our collective imaginations.


Text by Diane Pigeau, Hélène Soumaré

32 pages, 22,5 x 27 cm I Soft cover, pamphlet binding

In collaboration with the 3 bis f art center
April 2021 I ISBN : 978-2-4901140-27-5